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Capstone Week 2

Started researching on concrete architectural ways to create the web security awareness application. Received approval from both school/industrial supervisor to go ahead with the project.

Rough sketch of the architecture I currently have in mind


The proposed architecture consists of 3 layers.

  1. Webserver
  3. Database

The Web Server (app tier) is responsible for processing/transforming the data it receives from the client/API.

The API is an end point for the web server to perform CRUD operations on the database.

The database would most likely be a NoSQL DB, most likely MongoDB, or using a managed NoSQL DB from AWS/Azure/Google depending on security needs.

The plan is to be able to dockerize the entire architecture so that I can scale each individual layer separate from each other. The end goal is to be able to launch the entire service using Docker-compose so that the web application can exist on any platform using only 1 configuration file.