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Capstone Week 17

After a lot of testing and researched, I have decided to change the front-end framework to VueJS. https://vuejs.org

Reason for changing is because the React Boilerplate framework that I was using felt over-engineered for the problem that I was trying to solve. Even though the framework has a very good foundation that allows the app to scale out massively, the amount of code required to write a function is simply too much for this project; slowing productivity massively.

React is great, however it relies too much on pure Javascript (ES6), and does not have in-built templating functions/syntax. On the other hand, Angular has too much templating and the two-way binding causes unexpected behaviour when doing asynchronous operations.

VueJS is like a child of React and Angular, it has some templating functions but allows you to write Javascript cleanly without mangling it with HTML code. This reduces the code complexity greatly and make it a lot cleaner, while still being able to write logic in HTML.

The downsides to using it is that now I have to manage the async operations more manually, which does not seem to pose any issue at the moment.