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Capstone Week 12

Disaster strikes. While researching the best way to style components, found a better, more in depth boiler plate for React. It solves a lot of issues I had with creating my own skeleton and file structure.

However, in light of this new knowledge, I will have to rewrite the entire application. Which definitely sets back the progress quite a bit as there has been at least 3 KLOC written so far.

I strongly believe that using this new template would result in cleaner and more efficient code. (Using React boilerplate instead of create-react-app) There are huge discussions online arguing which boilerplate to use. I've read through many of it, and I think that for the purposes of this project, it would be better to use React boilerplate because the modules that it integrates works well for this project and I don't need to write out so many utility functions manually.

The next week will be focused on hardcore research and making sure that this is the correct path to take. I would not want to rewrite the application for the 3rd time.